Samurai Sudoku


Are you a true Sudoku warrior? Then we challenge you to a combat, a duel of epic proportions with Samurai Sudoku. The grade of warriors that you are pitted against will wary and will test your mental strength and endurance. Are you up for this challenge to end all challenges? The objective is simple. Fill up the 9×9 grid and all its 3×3 squares with the digits 1 through 9. Make sure that every row, every column and every 3×3 square has a set of numbers 1 to 9. Click on play. Choose your warrior of choice aka level of default, and get on with the challenge.

Just click in any tile and pick a relevant number from the choice that pops up. Don’t underestimate your enemy. Make annotations as you go along. To make an annotation, click a cell with the Shift key pressed simultaneously, choose a number and click on ‘done’ and your annotation is in place. Travel to the Far East and come back victorious!