Sudoku 3


We all know how Sudoku works. 3×3 squares fill a 9×9 grid and are waiting to be filled with numbers 1 to 9. What’s the catch? Every row or column or square must have the digits 1 through 9. Sounds simple? Now try its faster cousin Soku. Soku is a more speedy and sophisticated version of Sudoku where every 3×3 box contains the same set of numbers. For instance if you find 7,8,2 on the third row of a 3×3 square, and a 7,2 on the first row of a corresponding 3×3 square, it is not difficult to guess what the third number might be. Yes, you nailed it. It’s an 8. To start, click on one of the numbers on the control pad to your left and then add this selected number to a playfield in as many spots as you wish. If you click on an already selected number, it will be deselected. You can also choose a number from the control pad by hitting the corresponding key on your keyboard – for instance press key 6 to choose the number 6.

Let’s get cracking and solving Soku!