Sudoku 4


The grids are waiting to be filled!
The rules for this Sudoku puzzle is similar to all the rest. Every row, column and square must contain the digits 1-9. Here you have the option of playing either Sudoku or Soku. Soku is a speedy version of Sudoku. Here every 3x3 contains the same set of numbers. For instance if you find 7,8,2 on the third row of a 3×3 square, and a 7,2 on the first row of a corresponding 3×3 square, it is not difficult to guess what the third number might be. Think about it, It’s an 8.
When you start click a number on the control pad and add it to as many squares as you want or eems relevant. To deselect the number click onit in the control pad. Another way to choos the desired number is to select the number on your keyboard. By hitting the the desired number on the keyboard the game will automatically choose it.

Got it? Now show us what kind of Sudoku wiz you are and start solving soku!