Sudoku 5


Sometimes hi-end graphics take the fun out of the game. Let’s get back to the basics where the challenge is higher with no artificial intelligence to help you. Experience Sudoku in the raw. Only this time you are racing against a stop clock that makes swimming a lap pool in record time seem easy. Sudoku is simple, yet highly motivating number puzzle that gets the gray cells ticking. Line up numbers 1 to 9 in a 9×9 grid comprising 3×3 squares, such that they are never repeated and always appear complete in any row, any column and any square. You think this is easy? Then take up a new level challenge.

The game is available in four levels – Easy, Normal, Difficult and extreme. Take your pick and let the mouse click. There are no embedded digits or a control pad in this game. Just click on a tile and choose a relevant number from the number wheel that appears in each tile.