Sudoku Of The Sponge


Love Spongebob? Love Sudoku? Then why not merge the two and have the best of both worlds? The Krusty Krab, an extremely popular restaurant where Spongebob works is packed and customers are waiting to be seated. For every row and column of tables there are, Spongebob must place one of each numbered customer. He must make sure that each table column and row must contain one of each numbered customer and that no numbered customer is repeated. Get ready for some delicious Sudoku takeout from the Krusty Krab.

Just click on the numbered customers waiting in line on the top right of your screen and place them at a table in the 9×9 grid. If the madding crowd gets too much, just click on restart and start all over again. Or if you think Spongebob can do a skill-etful job of handling the restaurant, choose to race against time and watch the clock tick away.