Sudoku Tips

Sudoku is perhaps one of the most addictive pastimes in the world. Learning the correct Sudoku strategy is a key to becoming good at this complex game.
This particular way of killing time has crossed all barriers when it comes to generations’ age and class.
Players love the way the Sudoku framework allows for maximum possibilities. This game’s potential for new games is literally endless as there are multiple different variations that it can be set.
All based on number this particular game has literally infinite number of iterations No matter what level the Sudoku game is on, it is very important to learn to use the correct Sudoku strategies that will help even a beginner to complete a full game.
All a player has to do is to enjoy the puzzle set before them and to use Sudoku strategy carefully throughout the game.
While it is great fun it can also be difficult so this article will offer some great tips to help you do well.
You would think that Sudoku strategy and thinking would be hard to learn, but there are only a few that are important to keep in mind throughout the game. Below are some Sudoku strategies that will help you complete any level.

Sudoku Strategy 1: The Rule of One

This is a golden rule for Sudoku. Here the rule is very simple and it is always followed no matter how complex the puzzle actually is. The rule states that no region in a Sudoku frame can contain any double digits.
Each digit appears exactly once. If a digit appears in a row, for example, it cannot appear anywhere else in the row.

Sudoku Strategy 2: Naked Subsets

This is a little more complicated than the Rule of One but it still holds solid and true no matter the complexity of the puzzle that sits before you. Bear this Sudoku strategy in mind and you should find it easy to get through a puzzle.
The naked subsets rule allows that when a group contains two cells with the same pair of candidates (and only those two) then those candidates cannot be in another cell in the group. This is a strategy that gives way to canceling out other options within a game. This is a key strategy to win by making sure that all options that are not possible are completely ignored.

Sudoku Strategy 3: Naked Singles

This is perhaps another golden rule for Sudoku. Here you are looking at single numbers. Here a cell has only one candidate so the right number must be that number. While it is perhaps the easiest thing to remember when you are playing Sudoku, it is also a Sudoku strategy that is quite easy to forget when you are faced with a highly complex puzzle. Bear it in mind because there is nearly always a Sudoku game with this particular instance in it.

Sudoku Strategy 4: Start small

Another great tip for beginners is to know your limits. If you are just starting out on the wonderful road to Sudoku mastery, you must aim a little lower. Always try games that are on 4x4 grids. This way you can keep a good overview of what you are doing without the added distraction of having more space to cover. After a while you can move on to the bigger grids.

Another great Sudoku strategy is the old Trial and Error technique. Here, simply rub out a number when it does not fit in the cell. This means playing with a pencil and eraser in those first few games just to get a feel for what Sudoku offers in the way of a challenge. Once you have really begun to get comfortable with it you can move to bigger grids and away from Trial and Error.

There are many Sudoku Strategies that are important to learn. We have named a few that can get you well on your way in the intense and addicting Sudoku challenge.
Keep each Sudoku strategy in mind throughout the game and you will only find yourself improve with each game.